The Patriot / Vatansever Seslendirme Kadrosu

The Patriot / Vatansever Seslendirme Kadrosu

The Patriot / Vatansever Seslendirme Kadrosu

Mel Gibson … Benjamin Martin (Özgür Özdural)

Heath Ledger … Gabriel Martin (Fatih Özkul)

Joely Richardson … Charlotte Selton (Banu Kahraman)

Jason Isaacs … Col. William Tavington (Ümit Belen)

Chris Cooper … Col. Harry Burwell (Tuğbey İstanbulluoğlu)

Tchéky Karyo … Jean Villeneuve (Sefa Zengin)

Rene Auberjonois … Reverend Oliver (Sait Seçkin)

Lisa Brenner … Anne Howard (Ezel Kalkan)

Tom Wilkinson … Gen. Lord Charles Cornwallis (Ömer Yıldıran)

Donal Logue … Dan Scott (Alişan Özkan)

Leon Rippy … John Billings (Tarkan Koç)

Joey D. Vieira … Peter Howard (Lütfi Birses)

Gregory Smith … Thomas Martin (Alişan Özkan)

Mika Boorem … Margaret Martin (Melissa Menteşe)

Trevor Morgan … Nathan Martin (Gülnur Badakal)

Bryan Chafin … Samuel Martin (Ekinsu Karaata)

Peter Woodward … Charles O’Hara (Efe Özgün)

Beatrice Bush … Abigale the Housekeeper (Ezel Kalkan)

Kristian Truelsen … Hardwick (Tarkan Koç)

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