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Ian McKellen (Kaya Akarsu)

Ian Holm (Aytekin Özen)

Martin Freeman (Arda Aydın)

Elijah Wood (Emrah Özertem)

Hugo Weaving (Ali Düşenkalkar)

Ken Stott (Levent Dönmez)

Richard Armitage (Ali Ekber Diribaş)

Cate Blanchett (Özden Ayyıldız)

Dean O’Gorman (Ziya Kürküt)

Andy Serkis (Bahtiyar Engin)

John Callen (Gürkan Uygun)

Sylvester McCoy (Nuri Gökaşan)

Jed Brophy (Mert Asutay)

Aidan Turner (Sercan Gidişoğlu)

James Nesbitt (Emrah Eren)

Graham McTavish (Ercan Demirel)

Peter Hambleton (Sinan Divrik)

Adam Brown (Harun Can)

Mark Hadlow (İsmail İncekara)

Christopher Lee (Mazlum Kiper)

William Kircher (Murat Şenol)

Mark Hadlow (Ali Rıza Kubilay)

Barry Humphries (Ayhan Kahya)

Stephen Hunter (Oğuz Özoğul)

William Kircher (Halim Ercan)

Matt Bennett (Onur Yar)


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