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John Hannah Batiatus (Ali Gül)

Lucy Lawless Lucretia (Şebnem Ünaldı)

Manu Bennett Crixus (Talat Turan Türkeli)

Peter Mensah Oenomaus (Selçuk Kıpçak)

Dustin Clare Gannicus (Murat Şen)

Craig Walsh Wrightson Solonius (Adnan Biricik)

Lesley-Ann Brandt Naevia (Oya Prosçiler)

Antonio Te Maioha Barca (Zeki Atlı)

Stephen Lovatt Tullius (Hakan Vanlı)

Jessica Grace Smith Diona (Yonca Cevher Yenel)

Nick Tarabay Ashur (Atilla Şendil)

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