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Arnold Schwarzenegger       Selçuk Kıpçak

Bruce Willis                             Adnan Biricik

Charisma Carpenter              Oya Prosçiler

Chuck Norris                           Nuvit Candaner

Dolph Lundgren                      Hakan Vanlı

Jason Statham                        Murat Şen

Jean-Claude Van Damme     Bora Sivri

Jet Li                                         Ali Ekber Diribaş

Liam Hemsworth                   Onur Kırış

Nan Yu                                     Burcu Başaran

Scott Adkins                            Cüneyt Cakova

Sylvester Stallone                  Sezai Aydın

Terry Crews                             Kadir Çermik

Wenbo Li                                 Nusret Çetinel

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